Using AI programs and GridDB to detect the Person’s mood while doing their work

Created by Karthick Nagarajan


What is BeSmile?

A simple explanation with a simple example

MLDatasetBuilder is a python package that is helping to prepare images for your ML dataset.

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As an ML Newbie, I need to figure out the best way to prepare the dataset for our machine learning training model. As per my last article, I came up with a Python package for this process!

Yes, Teachable Machine makes AI easier for everyone!

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Everyone wants to get their hands dirty with Machine Learning, nowadays! But most people think only programmers can do Machine Learning.

As they think they don’t know the algorithm and code etc…Here I come up with the simplest way to start with Machine Learning.

Everyone can give it a try irrespective of the profession!

Detecto — An object detection library for PyTorch

The output of my custom model

A simple way to get images for your dataset

What is the dataset?

Composition at 90% and 10% respectively

COVID19: The virus teaches us the many greatest lessons. And also It teaches me, How to fight alone with Corona?

Photo: Sasi Kumar

Face Detection

Karthick Nagarajan

Data Scientist | Author of PyTorch

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